Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neurosurgery Follow-up #2

Last week E had her second post-SDR follow up.

I have to say, I'm disappointed with the visit. Overall I feel like Elena is doing fantastically--Dr. Elias echoed that sentiment, but he really didn't examine her much. I thought he'd be pretty interested in her range of motion, how much lower her heels are, her ability to squat (some), or how much LESS tight her legs are--but maybe he got all the information he needed by watching her move a little. She walked across the room, independently, a couple paces at a time (nowhere near her best effort, as it was past lunchtime, and she was out of her shoe). She sat on a bench, and crossed one leg over the other (with her shoes on), each side. He asked if she was having any problems toileting, which she does not. He was very pleased.

He did say that I should expect her to improve a lot more. I had the impression that the majority of the changes come in the first 6 months after SDR; he said "double that" and then some. I'm pretty excited about that!

The PT there also examined her, and took a video of her walking. We waited a long time just for her to do that. I could have directed her to this blog--better videos, and we wouldn't have had to wait so long. Hmph.

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