Monday, July 20, 2009

PT recap: Power of the Tutu

E wore her puffy tutu last week to PT. She spent a lot of the time working on controlling her movements while walking--start, stop, stepping up, and down.

Her movement on the mat was really great! We are starting to see her "stop" and "start" in normal settings. Very exciting!


Genevieve said...

Your blog is great! My son was also born at 33 weeks and was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He also has significant developmental delays. I'm wondering if you might have any recommendations for a) a good pediatrician who understands CP & b)helpful parent groups, other blogs, etc. I definitely appreciate any info or recs that you might have.

Amy said...

Hi Genevieve,
I'd love to connect with you--but I can't access your blogger profile to write you back. Can you allow public access?

Amy said...

Well, I just changed mine to include my address. Contact me there, and we'll share info!