Saturday, July 4, 2009

Loftstrand walking, faster now!

After a long, grueling morning, and after lunch, and before E's (late) nap, she came to my work. Our agreement was she could bring her dolly stroller IF she agreed to walk the "Life Less Ordinary" hallway with her crutches. (I don't know how long it is...50 paces or so?)


We did this 3 (?) months ago, right when we were starting our transition to loftstrands from her walker. That first time (not posted yet, b/c it's on another camera) took us well over 10 minutes, with lots of crying.

GREAT PROGRESS. Or, as E says, she's "awesome sauce".


Fancy Pancakes said...

Good job, E! You are sooo adorable!

Allan said...

I am very disappointed to learn that hippotherapy does not involve riding hippos.