Sunday, July 26, 2009

E "runs" The Track

Elena wants to run BADLY. She wants to run and jump around the house...we tell her that this will be easier if she works on walking first. "Walk before you run" we tell her...yeah, try to reason with a four-year old, right?! Lots of bumps and bruises, but honestly, that's nothing new.

Here is E giving it a pretty good shot; notice she doesn't raise her right foot as much.*


*I noticed this week that she wasn't using her left leg as well as I previously thought she was. I did this by watching her head-on during treadmill (normally I am on her right side)--she REALLY leans on the left, b/c she does NOT like to weight shift onto her right leg. I asked about exercises we can do about this--I'll have to devote this to another post.

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