Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4-year checkup

E had her four-year checkup this week. She's 26 lbs, and I FORGOT HOW TALL. She took a hearing test (she did well--auditory analysis when she was a baby indicated she cannot hear one tone in one ear), and she took a vision test designed for depth perception. It's a little early for Elena to be able to understand the test, but overall she did well, and the results indicated that she has (at least some) depth perception. This is HUGE for us, given her vision history, and how long her eyes worked separately.

Her regular eye exam (both recently with Dr. P in Northern Virginia and at her pediatrician) showed that she has some farsightedness with her right eye.

Her language and comprehension are great.

Her pediatrician sees a big difference post-SDR. He's real happy with her progress!

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