Friday, March 20, 2009

1st Post-Op Neurosurgery Visit

Yesterday we went back to see Dr. Elias at UVA Neurosurgery for our first follow-up.

I might be exaggerating, but there were definitely a lot of "WOW"s, between him and his nurse.


Elena showed them how she can do the following (could she do this before surgery):

While lying down, she can cross her (straight) legs across the ankles. She can cross with either leg on demand. (NO)

While lying down, she can bring her knee towards her chest (not all the way up). She does it better with the left, but the right looks pretty good too. (YES)

While lying down, she can do "snow angel" motions with her legs (abduction/adduction). Sometimes her legs are bent, and sometimes she moves them "one at a time" instead of both "in and out" at the same time. (NO)

She can lie on her back with her legs straight, with the backs of her legs against the surface. Her hips seem even. (YES)

She can turn over from her back to her stomach completely. While flat on her stomach, her quads stay in contact with the floor surface, and her legs don't cross (or touch except maybe at the tips of her toes). (YES)

She can walk with her walker while "squishing her feet" flat on the floor. She walks toe-heel with both feet. She gets her left foot flat, her right foot mostly flat (heel is up just a bit). (NO)

While holding on for balance, she can squat down with feet mostly flat. Her knees touch. When asked to open her knees to the side, she can not or does not do it (she has done this ONCE in a therapy session last week). (NO)

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