Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the Move Again

After some tweaks to her AFOs, we've been getting Elena up and moving again. That's been easy, b/c she wants to be independent. We let her cruise by herself (with someone close by) and have just let her start pushing things (walker, stroller, cart, etc.). We don't let her do much without supervision b/c she hasn't fallen since her surgery, and we're worried she could hurt the incision. That should change in a week or two...or whenever she falls and we don't catch her.

Activities from this weekend: Saturday Shopping at Harris Teeter

We let her push the kiddie cart. She was standing or pushing for at least 20 minutes. We'd hold the "flag" on the cart to keep her moving slowly--and keep her from leaning into her stride too much. She wanted to look at greeting cards, so she did, and aside from taking pictures, I kept her right leg straight and her hips neutral as she perused the card selection.

Sunday Visiting Mommy's Work (UVA Hospital)

Back at the Life Less Ordinary picture hallway! I might change my blog picture soon. She pushed her walker for about 15 minutes after "playing scientist" with her knee immobilizers for 15 minutes. After a visit to the coffee ladies, she used her walker some more, but not as long. The biggest difference now is that she is willing to shift her weight to her right side more often (but still defers to the left), and we haven't seen her drag her right foot ONCE since the surgery (she used to do that ALL THE TIME).


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I think your blog about Elena is fabulous!!! What a wonderful archive for her and any others that may find it useful.

I must give you and Jason lots of kudos for being so persistant in always looking for the best ideas and paths for Elena to move forward.

Best wishes to all - it is great to see Elena progressing so nicely after her surgery -I know it must have been a very tough decision.


Kristine said...

Great pics! It's fun picturing you all at Harris Teeter- what a great grocery store. I miss grocery stores that sell wine- up here in CT they're separate.
Is the UVa Hospital hallway the one that goes over the road? It looks so familiar; I bet it is.

jennie said...

You guys are awesome! You are always in our thoughts. You all are wonderful and we are so blessed to know you. You give inspiration to all of us!