Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5 weeks post-op: Now with video!

I don't have great pictures from therapy today, but suffice it to say that E's been working hard. We've been trying to keep her upright (less crawling and being carried) this week. Today, she had PT in the afternoon--intro to tap dancing (putting "taps" on her heels), kicking (trying to kick only from the knee down), therapeutic trike, dorsiflexion, etc. After all that (and being a little sick, to boot) she still wanted to do the treadmill and leglifts this evening. Here's how we do it:

Treadmill (she gets to watch movies during Treadmill Time)

Close-up: note how she drags her right leg sometimes. This gets worse as she tires. The left foot gait pattern occasionally goes heel-toe instead of flat-foot. Also, while her right foot is toe-heel, she gets better extension of the leg than she did pre-SDR.

The lift on her left shoe helps equalize her right and left legs; her right leg is longer, and has the opportunity to extend fully b/c the left side is lengthened to "match". We see much less knee/hip rotation "caving in" (right side) since we've had the lift.
Overall, she looks great here. Unfortunately, without a firm grip or contact guard, Elena will immediately start losing her balance. We've been treadmilling for months now, and this hasn't improved much. Still...we will be patient!

Leg Lifts (5 extensions each leg with 1lb weights; repeat 3-5 times each side)

Since starting our leg lift regimen (around Thanksgiving of last year), we've noticed a dramatic increase in her strength and stamina for walking, squatting, standing, etc. Her extension is much better now than pre-SDR. Note she does try to extend both sides at the same time (I hold one foot down), and she rounds her back/holds on to compensate for core weakness.

Plus stretching as usual--we're introducing some different stretches, and trying to get her to be more independent with the stretching regimen. More on that later.


Chris said...

Hey Amy - glad to see Elena is making such great progress.

Moumita said...

Could you please provide the details of the treadmill Elena uses? I have a 6 year old special need girl. Planning to buy a treadmill for her.