Monday, March 9, 2009

Flat is beautiful

We're getting back to our same-old-routine (plus a few more exercises). Back to the treadmill...leg lifts...

Elena had her PT session last week, mostly barefoot. She still likes to point/keep on her toes on the right side, but we learned a new voice cue: "squish your feet". When we tell her that, she puts her heels down and tries to squish the floor.

Next was trying to have her bear weight on either side by playing in half-kneel. When she bears weight on her left, her right knee caves in badly and she starts falling on her rear b/c she doesn't know/understand to steady herself by keeping her right knee up. She does it beautifully on the opposite side (not shown).

She did some assisted walking without her braces on (this is rare at PT). I immediately noticed she would nicely extend her leg (through the hamstring) on her left side (strong side). Her gait pattern on the left looks more "flat footed" than "toe-heel", but this has always been the case--only now it's a more fluid motion. The right is still "toe-heel", but it too is more of a relaxed motion than a laborious, dragging effort.

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