Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back on the Horse (Literally)

Elena had to take a break from therapeutic horseback riding for 6 weeks after surgery. This was her first day back. Our lesson was as if we never left--still 30 minutes, and our handler had E do her normal range of motions--sitting forward, backward, sideways. The only real difference is that Elena needed more help with her transitions, and that she was a little more wobbly than usual. She rode Patchy, who is a large pony. Sometimes, she rides Cookie, a smaller pony (takes more core strength when she rides him).

These are action shots of her riding Patchy.

Reaching forwards (not shown) and backwards from forward sitting (trunk rotations)

Backwards with "airplane hands" (extensions)

side saddle with "airplane hands"

Normally we do therapeutic horseback riding once a week. The next couple months will be intermittent, as there are scheduling conflicts at The Barn.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm impressed! How many 4.5 year olds can get on a horse! She looks like she's having fun while working on her excercies. Jennifer

Fancy Pancakes said...

I used to do this at UVa- help with the horsebackriding, that is!