Friday, March 20, 2009

4 weeks post-op

Elena is doing GREAT. Cruising, pushing her walker, using her loftstrands (very little, but some), jumping (while holding on to something), and some (a few) independent steps. Overall she is doing very very well, with her main issues being her right heel creeping up (for whatever reason, probably tendon shortness?) and overall weakness.

Soccer is a big motivator for E. I play soccer, and she ALWAYS wants to play too. We walk and hold both hands while she kicks (or, more likely, runs into) the ball. She wants to "do it herself". So, I told her she could-but as soon as I told her that meant standing up alone and moving, she didn't want to anymore. So I set it up so she could kick the ball a few paces (2 or 3) while walking to the back of the couch. It was a RAVING success--she did this, steadying herself to walk and kick, sometimes even stopping to steady herself or kick with her stronger leg--10 or more times, with a "speedway break", which is the small walkspace between the couch and the wall (she can steady herself with both hands to the sides). Jason and I both believe the Speedway (we also call it The Track) has really helped Elena's speed and confidence. She can move around the couch area pretty quickly--almost as fast as pre-SDR.

The used the soccer reference at KCRC, trying to get E to kick from only the knee down (normally she just runs into balls with her legs, trying to make contact with her feet). The motion of kicking (knee-down) was successful, albeit very very small.

Kick Left (note how hard she grips the walker in these pics)

Kick Right

She also tried flexing her feet (ankle only is the goal) out of a tray of rice/lentils. This time--I still can't believe it--SHE DID IT. BOTH FEET. The PT would put a penny on the tops of her toes, and cover them with rice and ask her to move her feet to find the penny. She flexed her feet between a centimeter and an inch, more on the left side (typical)--but even on the right, the degree of isolated movement was unmistakable. I was SHOCKED. These pics are from where she did it with her legs "straighter" rather than bent. Pictures probably don't do it justice, but here's what I have.

Dorsiflex left

Dorsiflex right

Shooting baskets, bare feet (keeping that right foot down!)

She also got to use the therapeutic trike. She loves this tricycle! This time was a huge improvement from last week--not only did she propel it herself for part of the time, she also steered it (at the same time). Like the previous post about swinging--before the surgery, it was nearly impossible for Elena to do different, concentrated movements with the upper and lower parts of her body. Now she surprises us all the time!

OH. One more important thing. The PT checked after I asked about leg length differences--and she said she can see that her right leg IS PHYSICALLY longer than her left. Not by much, but enough for her to notice. We've had a lift on her left shoe since the end of 2008 to accommodate what we thought was a FUNCTIONAL length difference. Either way, she'll need this lift in all her footwear, I guess.

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Stamford Talk said...

love the pics bc i love to see your little girl growing up. so great that u r getting her all this fabulous care.