Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three weeks post-op

Elena has been getting stronger and her endurance is improving, but there are still some lingering concerns--not really surprises, though. Her posture is more even, and her tone now allows her to move better... but she continually leans on her left side/left foot/left hip. Sometimes this is more extreme. She continually needs to be reminded to stand on two feet (instead of having all her weight on the left one), have these feet even (she postures her right one back), and to try to keep her feet flat. Her right foot stays better in her AFO/shoe, but needs to be fixed (heel back down) several times a day.

Example of her preferred posture (right foot back):

Left leaning while using posterior walker:

Extreme lean on the hippity-hop:

Here's the good pics!

She can do the hippity-hop for a few bounces herself. She tries hard to right herself, and does a pretty good job. She can bounce, pushing off her heels--but she hasn't figure out that's how you do it (right now she's just lucky)

Riding the therapeutic trike--she even propelled it herself for 3-8 feet! That's a first, she hasn't engaged on our trike at home (but that was last year). Her right leg caves in, but not nearly as much as it used to (but that could be b/c of the different type of trike).

Abduction/Adduction--she could not do this before the surgery.

Trying to flex her feet out of rice/lentils (she did it, a little)

Bridges--she had a hard time with these last week. Little sister Vivian is mesmerized.

Sit-ups (assisted, for now)

Standing tall, after building her tower (with help to bear weight centrally)


Overall, looking pretty good!


Fancy Pancakes said...

She looks so amazing and healthy, and I cannot believe how TALL she is getting!

Danny Housier said...

wonderful pics! wonderful progress!

Sarah said...

Her scar is so small. Mine is much bigger.