Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gait Lab

Elena's walking pattern was analyzed before her surgery--twice, actually, once in January 2008 and again in January 2009. The technology they use to do this is pretty cool. They deck out E in a bunch of sensors after taking tons of measurements of her body and her flexibility. We sang "I'm a little robot" (instead of '-teacup').

Elena walking down the track--this video quality is poor, but you get the idea.

They do this several times under different circumstances (with/without braces, walker, loftstrands (wrist crutches), etc) and then based on the sensors and her measurements, construct a digital representation of her bones moving. Pretty cool.

Bones--walker, no braces

Bones--walker with AFOs and shoes

Bones--loftstrands, with AFOs and shoes

We'll do another gait lab analysis now that the surgery has been done, between 6- and 12-months post-op.

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