Monday, May 18, 2009

Emphasis on Up and Moving

E has been making good walking progress. Around the house, we have really been encouraging her to walk around by herself. She does not crawl much anymore. When she falls, she will crawl to the nearest object to help her stand up--steps, the couch, something with a handhold or horizontal surface (normally, not walls). She has gotten up at least twice, from hands-and-knees on the floor to an upright standing position, independently (but it was pretty ugly).

Here is Elena walking at PT last week!

Walking to the next room (just starting to walk for the PT session):

Walking back from the toy room (playing "hot and cold"):

Bending over to pick up balls (note--KNEES OUT!):

She does lean back against Theresa a good amount when squats to pick up a ball. She normally (used to?) lean back AND have her knees cave in really badly--so, this is quite an improvement. We have really been working on this, and it seems to have paid off nicely--E does realize her knees don't have to touch when she bends down. YAY!

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