Sunday, May 31, 2009

PT highlights

I am too excited about the next post to go too much into detail--

Dorsiflex drills are getting better. Here is E in the macaroni pool raising her feet. The more she does this, hopefully the stronger/more aware she will be to walk normally.

Here's the left:

and the right:

Getting better at this...

All her PTs (and myself) think there need to be some changes in her AFOs, b/c she's still "rising up" in them, despite the fact that when her braces are taken off, it's easy to reposition her feet (pre-SDR, it was very hard to flex her feet to get them back into her braces properly). The consensus is to add a toe pad to "break up" her tone by preventing her toes from curling. We'll see how that works this Tuesday.

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