Monday, May 11, 2009

Trying to Kick the Walker

We've been instructed that we need to get rid of E's walker(s). She gets around well with them, but she is never in a good position--she leans into them too much, and she constantly runs with the walker--and then she's on her toes, her heels pop out of her braces, etc. etc. I know she just wants to be able to go FAST and be independent.

Maybe I would let her use her walker more often if she wasn't growing so fast--her heels are getting harder to keep in her braces. We do the stander twice a day (most days), but we can't get a break b/c of her growth spurt. Girl needs to SLOW DOWN!

Anyway, so we're trying to switch the walker out for her loftstrand crutches. E does NOT LIKE THEM. I don't know what it is...she just collapses into a whiny wimpy mess when we take them out. Her knees REALLY cave in, her confidence goes down the drain, and poutyness gets worse. Still, we're going to give it our best effort.

We shot video of her walking down the hallway, but uploading is taking forever...check back for the video feed.

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