Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a Question of Motivation

I still haven't posted E's (very poor) recent attempt at walking with her crutches in the hospital hallway. I'll link to it HERE once I get it up (it's on another tape). Yesterday we went to Short Pump, they have a Toddler Train which Elena LOVES. So, that was the carrot to dangle for her to use her loftstrands. Our hope was to get her to walk 25 feet three times during our stay at the Towne Center. We got her to do that, and then some. She was dynamite (at least, in the beginning).

E on her 2nd deliverable (first one not filmed):

I'm not holding her shoulders--I'm just there in case she topples. She normally falls forward these days, and with the loftstrands, she gets REALLY tangled up and then won't use them for a good long while after the fall. I used to contact guard her midsection, but she's too fast. I tried to just have my hands on the upper crutch part, but it messes up her shoulders it is (for now).

And the carrot:

She got to ride the train (twice), then play in Pottery Barn Kids (she walked through the whole store--no crutches) and got to push the baby stroller for a good long while. Then I got a cutie pic of her and her little sister Vivian (Elena can get on the chair all by herself now!)

Shopping (before kids) used to be fun. Now, it's mainly viewed as exercise for E. Still, it's a great activity--mostly level surfaces, plenty of handholds, motivational stuff for her to see/do, and teaches her to try to navigate around objects and people.

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