Monday, May 18, 2009


We have enrolled Elena in a parent+child yoga class. The instructor also teaches a Yoga for Special Needs class at the local children's hospital, but the class time does not work for us. We have been in the "yoga for all children" class for about 5 weeks now.

Elena LOVES yoga class. The class is small, about 5 parent+child pairs and the teacher. Yoga sort-of evens the gross-motor field, as no one is really running around, and most people are attempting to achieve poses but having trouble along the way. Each child gets to have a say in what poses we all do, and some of them are done pairwise (for us, most of them are, as Jason or I end up holding Elena for balance quite a bit). It's also nice that every once and a while, there is another child in the class with special needs. Ruth and Bill (the instructor and her husband) are very welcoming and patient, and the rest of the families are very nice.

Flower Pose

Turtle Pose

I have hoped for a long time that Elena will incorporate yoga into her stretching regimen. I thought I would try that once she was able to stand reliably by herself. She can do that, but not for very long...this is better. Not only is she getting a good stretch, she is enjoying herself, trying new things, and fitting in well in a child-centered exercise class.

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