Monday, May 11, 2009

PT Recap: Knees-out Success!

I've posted pictures of trying to get Elena to play in a half-kneel before. Here is her right side again--MUCH better here. She has some of her weight shifted through her hips and is bearing some weight on her right foot, and the knee isn't caving in. WIN!

And the Triumph of the day: Elena pushing her Knees Out! Theresa cheered Elena to have her "knees kiss the ponies". SHE DID IT. Then T had E squat a little and try again. It worked beautifully!!

Then we worked on scooterboard rides. She got to ride with Mommy if she scooted herself (kicked out her feet, one at a time, to help propel the board forward). She did a pretty good job at this--good movement of one leg at a time, even if it was just a little kick.

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