Monday, May 4, 2009

PT recap: Weight shifting

Last PT session with Theresa the focus was on weight shifts, while trying to keep the right foot flat and the knee in-line.

Some of the usual (not shown)--stretching, standing with left foot raised, sit-to-stand. Elena's eyes lit up when T took out the Princess Helmet and the pink scooter! We hadn't seen this for a long time, months before E's surgery. We have a scooter like this at home, and I was trying to push Elena around, stopping every so often just to urge E to put a foot off the board and step down to touch the pavement (I was not always successful, she had a very hard time stepping down on the left--her right leg could not support her). Now---check it out!

Theresa also used the Caterpillar (it's like biking while standing up). Elena can propel it herself, although she tends to watch her feet, which eventually slide off the pedals--so you have to stay close. She has started to look up while she uses it, so that's a big change for us. Her posture when she is bearing weight on the right leg isn't as good as the other side.

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