Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hallway Walking

At PT today E was all over the place. We started before the PT session:

E has been wearing Kiniseo (?) Tape at the last two sessions.

I think it "differentiates" her right and left leg. She moves better when wearing the tape. I think it makes her more aware of how she is moving.

She did lots of moves while wearing ankle weights today. Here she is walking with them. Overall, looking pretty good!

We played "Candyland" where I hid cards and E had to walk to find them and take them back to the board to move her piece. Great idea, Emily!

The session ended with Elena trying to kick objects off her feet. If she's not on a pedestal, she walks right along after kicking. She did it ONE TIME, on the right, and steadied herself afterwards without any help!


Stormy said...

Kinesio tape? I haven't used it or even seen it live AFAIK, but a number of athletes I know (pro and high-end amateur) swear by the stuff. And I think it got its start as part of therapeutic uses.

Amy said...

That's it! I didn't remember the name, thanks!