Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walking at School

We're trying to get E to walk as much as we can. That's not so easy in an unfamiliar environment, or on a surface that has any incline/decline or unsmooth surface (even tile to low carpet can make her fall). (DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind--even though these videos show her walking, her balance is still poor. Her protective response has developed to be "pretty good" after years of therapy. Now that she is older, she gets frustrated with herself more, as she realizes she is different from others. Our persistent goal is to challenge her motor skills in the most positive way possible.)

She is making great gains at school...I hope we can continue this progress once school is out for the summer.

Here is E walking to the front of the class at Circle Time to draw the letter of the day.

And walking back to her chair.

Thank you Ms. Geisha, Ms. Ruth, Ms. Ariel, and the rest of Bright Stars!! I cannot say enough great things about this program, it is AWESOME!


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Hi, my name is Charlene. You have a amazing little girl. She works so hard, and you as well. I have a former 24 weeker who was diagnosed with cp. He's a tip toer and wears braces to help him walk flat footed. Were looking into having him casted next. I just wanted to comment on how amazing she is! Keep up the great work!